Business Season


Starting a business can be exciting and challenging all at the same time. You are both optimistic and skeptical all at the same time. Many have all types of feelings going on—all at the same time: fear anxiety, joy, nervousness, hopefulness, and regretful; and then, ambushed by all of the paperwork and monies it will take to get things off the ground can and is a bit overwhelming.


Genesis Preferred Solutions! We are here to help. Hopefully this booklet will help you to remove “some” of your anxiety associated with this new venture. We can’t promise that things will be a “walk-in-the-park”; however and hopefully, this information will get you started on the right road with some basic information necessary of becoming a small business owner, an ENTREPRENEUR


Becoming a business owner takes time, patience, money, energy, and especially your expertise. It will take a lot of energy in the beginning to get your business from being just an idea to becoming a form of life in itself. When sitting down with a business consultant, attorney, or business developer, to discuss your plans for business, it is sometimes difficult to explain your business vision that is so colorful and vivid to you and in your mind to a stranger who must place it on plain white paper with black ink. Don’t get discouraged. Now is not the time to quit!


Just about every single entrepreneur has had the same or similar feelings you have right now.  We have heard just about every excuse in the book as to the “why” it has taken you so long for the business to get started or the “when” will you stop talking about it and get started.