When starting a business, we have many why's:

  • Need more income
  • You want to be the boss
  • Want more time with family
  • Want freedom
  • Have the ability to skyrocket an idea and make a whole heap of cash
  • Family thinks it's a good idea
  • Nothing else to do

Many people start businesses for the wrong reason. The biggest reason is: FOR THE MONEY! If this is your reason, then


You should have a passion for what you're doing. You must absolutely love it. If not, it will become just another job and you will soon hate it.

Make sure your WHY outweighs any other reason for stating a business

In the FACE BOOK community, let us know your WHY. Use the HASHTAG: #BUSINESSY

Need some inspiration? Here's mine:

#BusinessY: My reason for starting my own business is because I come from a legacy of entrepreneurs. My grandfather owned a restaurant. My Mom/Dad owned a construction company, restaurant, night club and 12 Rental Properties. My daughter owns her own marketing business. My business will set the trajectory in my family history of being a sustainable multi-million dollar business that will set the tone of influence in my family legacy.