Who We Are


Run Society is an exclusive membership organization, bound by exquisite declarations and pledges that we hold dear. We are a global network of individuals, leaders, organizations, businesses, coming together with a shared mission of enhancing the economic position of women globally and creating a worldwide platform for Leadership, Mentorship, Economic Advancement & Empowerment for women; Collaboration among women businesses; Building of Alliances with other businesses and civic organizations; Education and Insights on business issues for global opportunities; Strategic Networking among local, national, and global leaders.

As powerful women and community leaders in today’s society, we realize that not all women’s organizations are created equal; therefore, we want to set the precedence of what a real “sister” society or organization look like, feels like, and collaborate as. Our intention is for every woman to succeed. We will do our best for that to happen through strategic collaborative efforts.

Established in 2018, Run Society became into existence as a result of the providential Run Women’s Conference which has been in existence since 2012. Through educational and motivational platforms, it was obvious that there were thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking to belong to a community who really wanted to see others succeed as well as celebrate the successes of others, globally. Our Founder, Dr. Cassandra Bradford is synonymous for creating authentic and organic relationships and has translated those friendships into economic capital that transcends in and through our economy around the globe. Having this impact has augmented more than 18,000 relationships and more than 10,000 businesses today.

It was adopted from these tribe of women from around the world who attended the Run Women’s Conference over the years wanted to work together, support each other, and knowing that all businesses connectively and intentionally could build businesses, set precedence, and shake the business world with connected resources, efforts, and shared success interests. These initial global minds sought to create Run Society as a community or tribe who should and can shake the nation and the world together.

“Individually we are one drop, but Together we are an ocean”

Run Society seeks to defy the odds of just any ordinary social club, group or organization. Our aim is pivotal: To grow collectively, together, and with one another. We are the “iron that sharpens iron” and we are more successful when we work together.

Thank you for joining a community, a tribe, a society of women who are looking to not just leave a mark in their community, but we are determined leave a footprint so that others can follow and leave a legacy while exchanging ideas, working together collaboratively and building a dream that is attainable and obtainable.