NYNE: New Year New Entrepreneur


Welcome to the NYNE Mentoring program with Dr. Cassandra Bradford

Isn't it exciting? Starting your own business. Or, maybe you are just starting over; and, wanting to make sure you get the necessary help. Nobody wants to fail! Everything we do in life is a RISK; however, we want to make calculated risks.

You may not know this; however, one of the definitions (or part of the definition) of an entrepreneur is "a person who takes a risk". You're taking the risk of starting your own business. That means you a part of the economic structure of the world or its commerce system. You are infusing your business into the world's economic system.


Most people believe that they can do it all by themselves. We have all of the right answers until we hit a "snag"! A "bump" in the road! Then we seek advice from friends and family members who have never started a business. Their intentions are great; however, they are probably more cautious than you are. Their offers of help may not be that fruitful. Especially if that "friend" or that "family member" have never started or operated a successful business. Be careful! Some "friends" may not want you to be successful, while others' opinions may be down right wrong.

A mentor is a person who has experience. Someone who have walked on the "yellow brick road" and may have stumbled, have a few bruises, but have keen insight on what it takes to get to the top. A mentor is a person who will help you along the way. They won't just point you to the top, but will help with resources, aids, contacts, and probably more wisdom than anything. Their expertise and knowledge will assist you to your "winning position".


As part of this NYNE Mentoring, you will be apart of our Face Book community that will assist you whenever you extend your "life line". They will

  • Give you more resources
  • Become a sounding board
  • Provide insight
  • Cheer you on

Please join the Face Book Group: Mentoring with Dr. Cassandra and request to join



Each month, we will meet "face-to-face" via Zoom. You will receive an email notification advising you of the agreed upon date/time for each month's meeting. The monthly meetings will probably be in the evening around 6 or 7pm CST as most of our entrepreneurs are still working a job. Yes! Keep working your 9-to-5 job until you are ready to launch your business with the necessary generated income to take care of you, your family, and create the lifestyle you want to live.

If you do not have Zoom, please do the following:

  • Zoom works best in Google Chrome (not Internet Explorer)
  • Go to www.Zoom.us and create your free account
  • Practice using the program prior to our schedule meeting date
  • Make sure that you audio and video systems are working just fine

On your mark! Get set! Let's make these next 9 months enjoyable! Let's make them excitable! Let's make it count!