In 2006, Dr. Cassandra Bradford created a workshop, "Business Basics 101", whereby she held "live" workshops within the Metroplex of Dallas, Texas. This same workshop was highly sought after by city entities, adult education services, as well as local government offices who implemented entrepreneurial programs.

This particular workshop became so popular, it was voted Dallas/Fort Worth #1 entrepreneurial workshop for five (5) consecutive years. Because of its popularity, Dr. Cass duplicated or replicated this same workshop in more than 12 different cities within the United States and later turned it into a course and workbook.

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The following lectures will reference back to the content found in the Business Basics 101 Workbook that may help you along your entrepreneurial journey. The workbook has more examples, test questions and ah-ha sections that are actually written in this Mentoring course and/or program.

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Business Basics 101 workbook.pdf