It's been 30 days since you started the mentoring program. How are things going so far. Extend your life-line to the group. They are more helpful than you know?

Are you having any challenges with your homework assignments?

Did you find networking groups in your area?

Are you still researching upcoming conferences for possible speaking engagement?

Are you still working on your database?

Which CRM system is best for you?

If you are stuck in any one of these areas, go to the Face Book group and reach out to them. This group is very helpful. Extend your lifeline. You'll get the answers you need.

Go the Face Book Group and use the hashtag: #iam30: Post to the group about any challenges you have as a new entrepreneur. Ask for help. Throw out a lifeline and get know you have help

Example: #iam30: I am having trouble deciding which colors are best from the Google color wheel. It says yellow and royal blue. Anyone else likes those colors?