Our Mentoring Zoom video call is today. Don't forget to be prepared. Get ready to let us know how much of your homework you've completed.

Have you increased your social media followers? If so by how much _________

If you've missed the video call, don't worry, I normally post the recording to the Face Book group. Remember: If you miss a mentoring call, you miss your opportunity for benchmarks and next month's homework assignment.

Don't get behind! Let's get it!

We are 60 days in--how are things going? Don't forget to use the group if you need help.

Go onto the Face Book group. Please use the hashtag: #iam60: Post to the group about any challenges you have as a new entrepreneur. Ask for help. Throw out a lifeline and get know you have help

Example: *iam60: Dr. Cass sure does give a lot of homework. Anyone like the lesson on Agreements? I think i better have a Partnership agreement completed.